QG Magazine, is a urban based magazine that focuses on content of News, Health, Branding, and more.
We strive to be a leading force with providing relevant content to our viewers, and allowing them to return knowing they can find a piece of mind with QG magazine.

Weather it be by viewing a article, video, or perhaps a upcoming music release, and even up to date fashion, we have the content to engage.

QG Magazine has secured contributors for the site to add relevant content on a bi-monthly basis, as well as authors who will provide content monthly.

Each issue shall be released by the 28th of each month to represent the calendars beginning month. (vol #1, release May 28th, will represent June 1st).

» The latest news, fashion, and developments in the urban world

» Compelling stories and breakthroughs in health, medicine, awareness

» Environmental issues and their relevance to daily life

» Cutting-edge technology and its impact on our future

» Urban based articles from contributors, opinion makers, authors.

QG Magazine. Stay connected!

For information, and details regarding advertising and branding, please visit our contact form.

QG Magazine

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