Meghan Markle’s brother pens extraordinary open letter warning Prince Harry to call off Royal wedding

Meghan Markle’s

estranged half-brother has penned an extraordinary letter warning Prince Harry to call off the Royal wedding.

Thomas Markle Jr

who shares the same father as the royal bride-to-be, says he has not seen his sister since 2011.

The 51-year-old, who shared his letter with In Touch magazine, wrote to Harry: “As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history.

The letter goes on to claim their father, Thomas Markle Sr, went into debt in order to support Ms Markle’s acting dream and is struggling financially.

He previously accused her of “acting phoney” and claimed she was “trying to reinvent herself as the new Princess Diana”.

Ms Markle’s

estranged half-sister Samantha Grant, who has repeatedly complained about not being invited to the wedding, said: “I’ve always been vocal about the things I admire about her and this is taking it too far.”

She added in a tweet: “My brother needs to stop this.”

She previously demanded Harry “man up” and stop “letting his bride-to-be ignore her family”.

Both siblings claim neither they nor their father have been invited to the wedding.

Prince Harry and his fiancee have invited an additional 1200 members of the public to celebrate their nuptials in the grounds of Windsor Castle on May 19.

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